Our Mission:

God is on a mission to reveal Himself to the world through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our mission as a church is to join God wholeheartedly in His mission.

In order to do this we have committed ourselves individually and as a church family to:

- Pattern our lives and ministry according to the Bible’s teachings;
- Represent Christ accurately in the world;
- Gather regularly to worship God together and grow as Christians;
- Share the good news about Christ with others;
- Prepare people to serve Christ effectively;
- Train people to assume leadership roles in ministry;
- Help send missionaries around the world sharing the the gospel.

Our Vision:

We envision every person in the greater Worcester area having a genuine opportunity to experience a personal, growing, and overflowing relationship with Jesus Christ.

In order to see this vision become a reality we are:

- Becoming a vibrant example of a faithful and effective regional church;
- Establishing “Christian Connection” groups in 31 communities.
- Empowering each “Christian Connection” group to provide genuine
   opportunities for the people in their communities to connect with
   God and other Christians.

We also envision a growing number of people beyond our region and around the world having the same opportunity.

In order to do this we are:

- Purposefully cultivating a “big picture” view of our church’s mission
   in the world;
- Providing financial, prayerful, and practical support for missionaries;
- Providing short-term missionary opportunities so our church family
  can participate personally in world missions.

Missionaries We Support

Click here for listing and contact information.

(Some missionaries we support are in sensative areas of the world and can not be listed online - contact us for information on these missionaries)