Introducing Our New Name

In 1972 our church was officially started and given the name, “Temple Baptist Church.” For more than forty years our church faithfully served the Lord with that name, sharing the love of Christ in our communities and supporting missionaries around the world who are doing the same.

Over the last ten years, however, it became increasingly clear that the name “Temple Baptist Church” was becoming an obstacle to carrying out our mission effectively, especially with people whose only knowledge of us was our name. The name “Temple” was confusing, and sounded Jewish, Buddhist, or Mormon to many people. The name, “Baptist,” while descriptive of our beliefs, seemed exclusive to people who didn’t know that everyone was welcome. So, we came to believe that the Lord wanted us to change our name.

We spent a year working together to come up with a new name that would be a good tool for us to use in carrying out our Christian mission. Then on Sunday, January 27, 2013, our church overwhelmingly voted to adopt “LifeSource Church” as our new name.

We believe that “LifeSource” captures the central idea that Christ alone is the source of all life - everything we need. Many passages of scripture teach this, and it is the message at the core of the gospel. Our slogan, “Providing a genuine opportunity to know Christ” makes this clear.

We also believe that the name, “LifeSource Church,” will provide our people with opportunities to share the truth that Christ and Christ alone is the source of all life - not just physical life, but also eternal life, meaningful life, purposeful life, abundant life, and more.

For the record, we are NOT changing our beliefs. Our understanding of the Bible’s teachings is still solidly Baptist. We are still a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Bible-teaching, and Bible-living Baptist church, and more than ever our focus is on the Lord Jesus Christ and being a church that pleases Him.

We hope you’ll join us. God is doing some very real and powerful things in our church, especially in the area of changed lives. Stop in and see us sometime soon and discover with us that Jesus really is the source of life!