New Here?

Welcome to a new church experience!

Friendly people, upbeat music, energetic worship, casual dress, practical sermons, relaxing atmosphere, encouraging relationships - all these and more add up to a positive worship experience that will help you get more closely connected to Christ and His people.  

Here's what you can expect:

- You should hear music playing in the parking lot. We do this to help provide a warm Christian welcome to everyone who attends.

- Just inside the front door you’ll be greeted by friendly people. They will connect you with
  someone who can show you around and answer any questions you may have.

- You’ll notice that the atmosphere is relaxed, and people are dressed casually. Feel free to dress in a way that is comfortable for you. 

- We have a special gift and information packet for guests. You should receive this from the people who greet you and show you around. 

- If you have children with you, you can choose to keep them with you or allow them to participate in ministry opportunities available for them. We have a nursery for
  children 3 years and under.

- We have an exciting program for children 4 years old through 2nd grade. Someone can help guide you through the process of getting your child checked in.

- Your greeters will be happy to show you where your children need to go for these things.

- You can sit anywhere you like in the worship auditorium. Starting at 9:30 and 11 a.m. a band will lead us to worship God in singing and the words to the songs will be projected on
  a large screen in the front. Feel free just to listen if you don’t know the songs, yet. worship

- Usually we have a time for people to welcome each other after the first one or two songs. You don’t have to do
  anything - the people around will include you and make you feel warmly welcomed.

- Don’t worry about when to stand up and when to sit down. Someone up front will tell you when to do what.
  We don’t have any rituals you need to learn.

- After the music and singing our pastor will speak to us. He will present a message based on the Bible that relates to God, our
  relationship with Him, and what it all means in our lives in practical ways. Bibles are provided in the pews, but feel free to use your own..
  Helpful notes will be projected on the large screen in front to make it easier to understand and follow along.

- When the sermon is over, the pastor will pray - asking God to help all of us respond to what God says in a way that will honor God and be a blessing to us.

- The Welcome Packet you receive will have a “Welcome Card” in it. You can also find these cards in the pews. Hopefully you will be able to fill it out and leave
  it with us before you go. You can drop it in an offering plate, put it in a “Welcome - Card” box by any of the doors, or hand it to anyone who is serving in some
  way. This information helps us to serve you better, and will not be shared with anyone outside of the church.

Other details:

- We are located on Stafford St. about half way up “Dead Horse Hill” on the right - a brick and stone building with a sign that says “LifeSource Church”.

- When you pull into our driveway you will be greeted by a team of parking volunteers. They are very friendly and would love to get you parked in a special spot reserved for you. Just turn on your hazard lights or roll down the window and let them know it's your first time. They will direct you to a convenient parking spot.

We hope to see you on Sunday!