• Walt - Senior Pastor

    I came to Christ at 19 years of age as a freshman at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. I got connected with a Bible-preaching local church there and really grew in my relationship with God and my understanding of my faith.  Over the next few years I got involved in all kinds of ministry, met the love of my life, got married, studied to become a pastor, and in 1982 moved to Worcester, MA to serve in a much smaller Temple Baptist Church (Now LifeSource Church). I have been involved in lots of different kinds of ministry over the years, but my favorites - preaching and teaching God's Word - have been the passion of my life from the beginning. It's been 37 years now of ministry with the Lord, and my life is still being changed for good as His Spirit continually empowers the ministry of God's Word both in me and through me. After 30 years at this church it's still an awesome privilege to serve the Lord and the people of our church!   E-mail Walt

  • Dave - Associate Pastor

    I understood the message of Christ’s salvation for me as a child, but did not surrender to His complete leading in my life until I was a teenager here at this church. While on my way to prepare for a life in aviation ministry God introduced me to my soul mate Debbie, and the direction of my life changed forever. We were married and have served the Lord as a couple since 1989. We have three children, two in college and one at home, who are preparing to serve the Lord wherever He sees fit. My heart is surrendered to local church ministry and God has used the local church to grow me into the Christian man I am today. What a humbling experience it is to be part of God’s plan – seeing people surrender to His call, grow in His truth, and tell others how He has changed their lives. I invite you to come and see all that God is doing here at LifeSource Church.    E-mail Dave

  • Matt - Worship and Youth Pastor

    Hi! My passion is living for Christ and allowing His light to shine through me everyday and in every situation. I have been married since June 28, 2008 (phew! Good thing I remembered that!) and have two young sons named Hunter and Tanner. My wife, Stephanie, is very supportive of my ministry here at LifeSource Church and loves serving along side of me in all areas! I studied at three different Christian colleges before graduating with my bachelors in Biblical Studies with a minor focus on Youth Ministry. I graduated through Liberty University's distant learning education program while I served as a full time ministry intern here at LifeSource Church for about two years. I have been serving as the Worship Leader here at LifeSource since the fall of '05, and have taken on the position of Youth Pastor since the Summer of 2013. I look forward to meeting you soon!     E-mail Matt